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+Precision Machining
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Serving marine and industrial markets for over 50 years

Westin Pumps, incorporating US Marine and Industrial Pump Repair, was founded in 1972 to take advantage of a revolutionary coating product made in the US which significantly improved the quality of pump repairs.

Over the years, the business has built up a wealth of technical knowledge to ensure our customers receive the best possible advice and input.

We regularly prevent expensive pumps and motors from being replaced by applying innovative yet practical repairs and our engineers can often extend the life of the pump or motor by several years.

Split-case pump after total renovation

Well-equipped facilities enable us to use the most modern equipment and machinery to undertake inspection, repairs, overhaul, testing and component manufacturing. And it is no surprise that most of the world’s major fleet operators have used our company.

A precision drill as used in our workshops

Our Services

+ UK distributor for Garbarino pumps

+ Market leadership in coating​

+ Exceptional customer focus

+ Wide experience

+ Outstanding technical support

+ On-site visits and reporting

+ Installation and commissioning

+ Industrial motor repairs

+ CNC machining

+ Emergency breakdown service

+ Diagnostic capabilities

+ Repaired to OEM standard

+ Expert advice on coating


From marine to mining, the breadth of sectors we serve

As well as serving the global marine market, we also service other industrial sectors such as petrochemical, food manufacturing. metal processing, mining and quarrying.

Customers include the largest fleet operators, multinational petrochemical operators, manufacturers of household brands and other well-known companies.

With our new facilities and extended product range, we aim to increase our presence in existing sectors and to explore further business opportunities.

A series of motors driving pumps
A large pump motor under repair at Westin Pumps

Spare parts for pumps & motors

We can supply spare parts for virtually all types of pumps and motors in the marine and industrial markets. 


Spares are shipped to ports or dry docks worldwide to enable the timely repair or maintenance of the pump or motor.


Our range incorporates thousands of part numbers covering impellers, seals, gaskets, covers, cases, shafts and many other items.


The practical and financial benefits of protective coatings

By Graham Sykes

Industrial and marine pumps can be costly to run. Because of their challenging environments, they are prone to corrosion, erosion and chemical damage. 


Which is why we recommend protective coatings for repaired pumps, especially those operating in harsh conditions.

High performance polymeric repair composites and protective coatings have been proved to help counter the problems outlined above. 


Their application to repaired or refurbished surfaces can yield financial benefits through not having to purchase a new pump.


Coatings can also extend the life of a repaired pump and increase its efficiency by up to 20%.

Pump coating_edited.jpg


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