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A large container ship


Trusted for first class marine products, repairs and service

We have been supplying the global marine market with pumps and pump repair services for more than 50 years. Pumps are employed in a wide variety of complex applications at sea, so it is vital that they can withstand harsh conditions. 


Our customers know they can rely on first class marine products, repairs and service from Westin Pumps, which is why so many of them have come to trust us for over half a century.

A modular pump for the marine industry


These businesses facilitate the maintenance and repair of shipping fleets. We supply quality new or repaired pumps and spares to any part of the world promptly.


All ship operators require a reliable and efficient source for new or repaired pumps or spare parts to enable repair or service to take place on board or in dry dock. We work with a full range of pumps found on ships be it bilge pumps for removing slurry or waste, water/fire pumps, sewage and fuel pumps. Ships with fire pumps that are not operational are not allowed to operate. All marine pumps are coated by Westin Pumps Incorporating US Marine & Industrial Pump Repair to improve product life.



These are usually major port or harbour based organisations who offer any ship operator or management company, repair and maintenance services whilst a vessel is in port or dry dock. Most of these operators do not have the capability to repair pumps or other units so they usually sub contract the work out and then fit the repaired unit onto the ship.

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