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A pump under repair
The repaired pump

Professional repair of marine pumps of all types and sizes

Westin Pumps can inspect, repair, overhaul and test any type of marine pump up to 20 tonnes in weight.  With extensive CNC and manual machining capability, shot blasting, balancing and test facilities, almost all of the work is carried out by in-house professionals to ensure consistency of quality and service.


We have developed innovative repair techniques designed to avoid the need to scrap and replace expensive equipment. And our capability means that obsolete or difficult to obtain parts can be made and improved upon, using today’s superior material specifications and manufacturing techniques.

​The workshop is accredited to ISO 9001 and you may be assured that every step of your repair is meticulously documented to give you confidence that your equipment is ready for safe, reliable operation. 


Our pump repair department can load test pumps to measure flow rate and pressure. We also check the performance of all sealing surfaces for leaks to ensure the repaired pump goes back to the customer for a high performance, problem-free life. 


Mechanical work, such as repairing worn seal positions on shafts or excessively worn wear rings inside pumps, is carried out by our experienced in-house machinists. Engineers in our group are fully trained in the application of protective coatings and we also have the facility to balance pump impellers.

Additionally, we are:

  • EX motor repairers, qualified to repair motors flame-proofed to work in hazardous conditions.

  • SKF Certified Rebuilders

  • An accredited distributor of Brook Crompton motors

  • An Approved Distributor and Repair Agent for WEG motors.


Other makes of motors can be sourced and supplied when required.

​We are on call 24 hours a day to ensure that any downtime caused by a pump problem is minimised. Our goal is to have your business up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Overhaul |Collection and delivery | Full clean and repaint | Decalcify | Emergency service | 12-month warranty | Condition monitoring | Vibration analysis | In-house machining | Motor rewinds | Mechanical seal diagnosis | Pump upgrades | Preventative maintenance | Gearboxes | Training on variable speed drives | In-house shot blasting

A pump awaiting repair
The same pump following repair in our workshop.
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