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Customer's cost-saving Garbarino retrofit

A Garbarino MU32-160 centrifugal pump

We were able to save money for a shipping company that needed to replace a failed Allweiler NB32-160 centrifugal pump which was beyond economic repair.

In its place we offered a Garbarino MU32-160 in a like-for-like swap, a perfect retrofit with the same footprint.

To the industry's benefit, there are several standardisation protocols aimed at ensuring that different manufacturers' pumps have the same designations, nominal output points and dimensions to enable interchangeability.

The main ones are EN733 which applies to centrifugal pumps up to 10 bar and ISO2858 which applies to the same pumps up to 16 bar.

Pompe Garbarino, for whom we are the UK Master Distributor, manufacture pumps which conform with these standards and can more often than not supply a more competitively priced pump.

Please contact us for all your pump repair or replacement issues, we will be glad to help and to provide excellent units at a competitive price.

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