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Hazardous area pump repairs by AEMT certified engineers

A hazardous area pump after repair by our qualified engineers

A hazardous area pump ready for repair in our workshops

Here's a KSB Amarex hazardous area pump that has been fully refurbished in our workshop and ready to be returned to the customer.

When electrical or electronic equipment is used in areas designated to be hazardous, it must be ATEX certified as required by two EU directives.

Our Westin technicians are AEMT certified to repair ATEX low, medium and high voltage EX motors. We mainly repair motors from industrial compressors, pumps or fans which have been operating in hazardous areas.

It is essential that businesses that have motors operating in hazardous areas use certified technicians to undertake any repair work. Failure to do so could result in serious consequences in the event of an accident.

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