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Garbarino maintains its competitive edge

A centrifugal pump manufactured by Garbarino

Westin Pumps has been the UK Master Distributor for Pompe Garbarino for over 20 years.

Garbarino is a family-owned Italian company with a 90-year history of manufacturing industrial and marine pumps.

During that time, it has built a global business which supplies many of the world’s navies, commercial ship operators, cruise ship operators and onshore and offshore oil and gas operations.

Specialising in the production of centrifugal and volumetric pumps, the company continuously invests in new production, assembly and test facilities and the latest CNC machining centres to maintain and improve quality, performance and reliability.

These investments ensure it maintains a competitive edge against rivals. Westin Pumps is working to increase the presence of Garbarino in the UK marine and industrial sectors, and we welcome all enquiries.

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