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New life for a corroded Sulzer pump

We assessed for repair a Sulzer pump sent to us from a large mining operation in the North East of England.

As can be seen below, it was badly corroded and as the suction cover was beyond repair our engineers machined a new one.

After dismantling the pump, we identified these defects:

  • The oil seal locations and the gland packing sleeve locators required repair.

  • The shaft needed polishing

  • The rear wear ring needed to be replaced.

The impeller was in good condition but required balancing before the pump was reassembled. A few more minor repairs were carried out and all of the fasteners and sealing components were replaced.

Finally, to extend the life of the pump, the casing was given a protective coating internally and the outer casing painted.

The moral of this story? Even though a pump can look beyond redemption, Westin Pumps may be able to revive it using the comprehensive skillsets at our disposal.


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