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Protective coatings - a money saving solution

A protective coating applied to a marine pump at Westin Pumps

Industrial and marine pumps are costly assets to run. Because of the challenging environments they operate in, they are prone to corrosion, erosion and chemical damage.

High performance polymeric repair composites and protective coatings are proven to help counter these problems.

The application of such coatings to repaired or refurbished pump surfaces can yield substantial savings through not having to purchase a new pump.

It can also extend the service life of the pump by significantly reducing the chances of pressure and efficiency losses and reduced flow rates. Rough surfaces caused by corrosion, erosion and cavitation will reduce service life. This can be negated by coating them.

Coating can also increase the repaired pump's efficiency by up to 20 per cent. Given that around 85 per cent of a pump's total life cost goes in energy costs, the improved efficiency will reduce consumption significantly.

Westin Pumps offers – and recommends – protective coatings for repaired pumps, especially those operating in harsh conditions. Our highly trained technical operatives are skilled in applying the correct coatings.

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