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Quality pumps for the petrochemical sector

As well as supplying the marine market, we service a variety of industrial sectors, including petrochemical.

Most of the work our team has done within this sector has been the supply and repair of pumping systems in fuel distribution centres which service stations and airports.

Westin Pumps is now a Samoa Pump Authorised Distributor. And with the launch of the Samoa Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) and Piston Pumps, we can offer a highly competitive and high quality range of pumps ideally suited to the petrochemical sector.

AODD pumps are safe to operate, can run dry, are sealless, efficient, reliable and easy to maintain and repair. They can be used for a multitude of applications including tank cleaning, cellar pump out, fuel transfer, oil spillage response, and general transfer.

The air operated Piston Pump range is also intrinsically safe, reliable, suitable for heavy duty applications, rugged in construction, and easy to maintain and repair. Typical applications include oil and grease transfer, pressure washing, valve flushing, tote/drum unloading and chemical injection.

Many of the pumps operate at high rates of flow and pressure. These factors, along with the viscous and toxic nature of many of the products means that the pumps require regular servicing and maintenance.

We can repair any pumps regardless of the type or size. Due to our experience, can often save pumps from being scrapped, saving the customer significant time and money. We also offer motor supply and repair as well as many other electrical and electro mechanical products and repair services.

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